Climeet: a new interface, more modern and streamlined

  • March 27, 2024

We are pleased to announce the launch of Climeet's new interface! Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly in recent weeks to provide you with a user experience focused on simplicity, friendliness, and efficiency. Our goal? To further facilitate navigation on our platform and make eco-friendly event management as simple as possible. Get ready to be dazzled by this new interface!

What is Climeet?

Before diving into the latest features of the Climeet redesign, a brief reminder of what this application is all about is necessary.

The tool for contributing to global carbon neutrality

The Climeet solution allows for the assessment, reduction, and communication of greenhouse gas emissions. It even facilitates direct engagement and awareness among all parties involved. All necessary information is available to make informed decisions and put an event on a low-carbon trajectory.

Used by event professionals, Climeet is the most reliable carbon solution on the market, measuring all emissions related to event organization, then managing and reducing them.

With Climeet, every event organizer can understand their carbon footprint and prioritize actions on different emission sources to establish a concrete, measurable, and realistic reduction plan to design eco-friendly events.

The benefits of using Climeet for events

Measuring the carbon footprint of events, becoming aware of their impact, and doing everything possible to combine sustainability and event excellence. In short, enhanced credibility and demonstrated environmental commitment.

Climeet's solution goes beyond simple assessment: it allows for prioritizing actions to strengthen positive impact. The goal? To provide the necessary tools for every event professional to become a low-carbon event organizer and strive for carbon neutrality.

Additionally, Climeet's solution is:

  • Secure: all data is confidential and encrypted;
  • Adaptable: for any type of event (professional seminars, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, institutional events, sports events, etc.).

Now, let's turn our attention to the latest Climeet updates.

A modernized interface 

An improved user experience

Climeet's new interface offers an unparalleled user experience. With smooth navigation, intuitive design, and clean graphics, you'll immediately feel at home on our platform. Our main goal was to make event eco-design even more enjoyable, and we believe we've succeeded brilliantly!

A completely redesigned UX/UI

At first glance, you'll notice the improvements to our interface. Navigation is smoother than ever, and the intuitive design will help you find what you're looking for in no time. We've focused on the user experience so you can concentrate on what really matters: decarbonizing your events.

Copie de LinkedIn_Workshop sommet 2024 ChangeNOW (1)

Key features: what's changing

A centralized dashboard

From now on, the first thing a user sees when logging into their account is a new Dashboard, a brand-new page that integrates essential elements for efficiently moving forward on Climeet: ongoing events, remaining credits, information about the team and its members, and shortcuts to support.

Tableau de bord-1

A strengthened results page

Results are enhanced: it's now possible to download each data visualization element individually, as well as to view the detailed carbon footprint of different emission sources and each calculation line.

In this page, you will find:

  • The average footprint per day;
  • The average footprint per participant;
  • The total reduction potential;
  • The total event footprint;
  • The event balance;
  • A "donut" chart with emission source distribution;
  • Details by sources (dedicated staff time, staff transportation, participant transportation, freight, materials, energy, catering, accommodation, goodies, waste, etc.).

New deliverables and modules are coming soon to further expand the platform's uses.


Key features: what's staying almost the same

Engaging e-learning

Our learning journey and its content are becoming even more attractive. We still provide access to dedicated resources to make getting started with Climeet and decarbonizing events a breeze! The learning experience is even more immersive, as evidenced by the images below 👇

Page E-learning 1-1

🤔 What is e-learning? E-learning is an essential step in the Climeet journey and conditions access and use of the solution. The e-learning section is divided into 3 modules essential for understanding climate issues, applying fundamental principles related to decarbonizing your events, and using the calculator.

The carbon calculator

Data organization within the calculator is now more intuitive and allows for better eco-design management. New items are now accessible to more accurately represent your event reality. The fundamentals remain unchanged:

  • A comprehensive calculation scope adaptable to your event context;
  • Reduction assistance tools;
  • Creation and comparative analysis of multiple services and forecast scenarios for the same event.

Transport du staff

A "my team" tab

We've updated our "My Team" tab to simplify team member invitation and assignment management. With this update, team efficiency is maximized with quick access to crucial member information: their role, available credits, remaining invitations, etc.


An "events" tab

To provide even more value to our new interface, we've added KPI cards that allow visualizing the performance of a selection of events.

We've also added new event merging and comparison features to sustain your event decarbonization strategy.


Have a question? Need more information or just a solution demo? Schedule a meeting now; our experts will be delighted to give you a live tour of this new interface.

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