A partnership between Climeet and Captag

  • May 7, 2024

We are proud to announce a partnership with Captag, one of the most comprehensive hybrid event solutions on the market.

What is Captag?

Since 2011, Captag has been designing innovative and secure solutions for all types of events, addressing the needs of agencies, brands, and institutions.

Whether it's for BtoB, BtoC, VIP, associative, or retail events, its solutions, ranging from custom web application creation to connected experiences, as well as numerous animations to make each event unique, ensure operational and experiential success from conception to the legacy of your event.

Among its wide range of services:

Back office

  • Participant management
  • Email / SMS campaigns with AI
  • Registration forms Statistics

Web application:

  • Live & streaming
  • Gamification
  • Networking

Over 100 on-site services:

  • Attendance / badges
  • Connected cloakroom
  • Animations (photos, games)

With over 1300 events executed, including seminars, congresses, tours, and festivals, both in France and internationally, Captag is a reference in terms of new technologies adapted to events.

What does this partnership entail?

To expand their respective reach, Captag has integrated key features of Climeet into its interface. Captag now allows its users to access Climeet's measurement, reduction, and reporting solutions (currently being adapted to the Bilan Carbone® method) directly on its platform. Captag users can thus reliably calculate and manage the carbon emissions of events without leaving their client interface.

This seamless integration ensures that event organizers have all the necessary features in one place to manage the various components of their events, from participant management to reducing their carbon footprint, to communication campaigns.

By integrating Climeet's key features into Captag, we further facilitate the adoption and use of sustainable practices, strengthening companies' commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

Why this partnership?

This partnership is in line with our goal of supporting as many companies as possible in their low-carbon transition. Integrating our event carbon footprint management features directly into Captag offers several advantages:

Having an integrated solution at hand

This collaboration results in an integrated solution that combines the strengths of Captag and Climeet, offering a seamless and comprehensive experience for companies looking to organize events and reduce their carbon footprint from the outset.

Simplifying advertisers' access to an event carbon calculation tool

Using Climeet directly within the Captag advertiser interfaces allows advertisers to easily calculate the carbon footprint of their events and take tangible steps to reduce it.

Accelerating the event industry's sustainable transition

By facilitating access to the carbon footprint calculation tool integrated into Captag, we encourage more companies to adopt sustainable practices in the planning and management of their events.

Engaging participants

By integrating carbon footprint management directly into the Captag platform, participants are more aware of the environmental impact of the event. This encourages more conscious and engaged participation, thus reinforcing the organizing company's reputation and eco-responsible values.

Creating detailed reports and analyses

Through secure data bridges, Captag users have access to detailed reports provided by Climeet, allowing them to better understand each emission source and build their event decarbonization strategy.

Reflecting a positive brand image

By adopting sustainable practices and communicating on their actions to reduce the carbon footprint of their events, companies enhance their brand image with customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Cross visions

Guillaume Paris, CEO of Captag: This professional adventure with the Climeet teams is part of the resolutely innovative and deeply human vision that is the DNA of our company. Our goal is to continually improve event experiences and customer satisfaction and to pass on a better world to the next generation. This completely integrated new tool is another step towards responsible and sustainable events.

Béatrice Eastham, CEO of Climeet, emphasizes: This partnership with Captag aims to make the lives of event organizers simpler. Our common goal is to offer turnkey solutions so that each event can play a role in transitioning to a more sustainable world! And this, from its conception.

In summary, this partnership offers companies the opportunity to plan and execute events while considering their environmental impact from the beginning of the planning process.

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